The Event

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Recent years have seen a flourishing of print and non-print publishing catering to virtual or ‘imagined’ communities based shared identities and cultural interests. Thanks to the internet, local Asian histories and genealogies may draw down on international trends and ideas, while international studies might also pick up on local Asian stories. However, intra-regional cross-fertilisation is unduly limited due to relatively underdeveloped library, public information, and digital resources in various Asian countries.

Leading up to the IFLA World Library and Information Congress 84th IFLA General Conference and Assembly in Kuala Lumpur in August 2018, the IFLA Local History & Genealogy Section has organised this satellite meeting in Penang, Malaysia, with a view to bringing the current interest in genealogies and local histories into the Asian context and explore what steps can be taken to build systems, both physical and institutional, that can trace and preserve the multicultural histories of Asia.


Khazanah Hall, U.A.B Building, Gat Lebuh China, Penang



08.30am        Registration

09.00am        Welcoming remarks by Dato’ Anwar Fazal, Think City
09.25am        Opening remarks by chairperson, IFLA Section, Dr Chihfeng P. Lin
09.50am        Introduction to George Town World Heritage Site and The Penang Story, by Khoo Salma Nasution
10.15am        Q&A
10.30am        Photo session
10.45am        TEA BREAK

11.15am        Speakers 1, 2, 3 (20 mins each, followed by Q&A)
Online Exhibition on a Shoestring, by Zanaria Saupi Udin, Haslan Tamjehi, Juhaida Abdul Rahim, Siti Mawarni Salim
Oral History Programs: Wayang Kulit Seri Asun (Shadow Puppetry), by Wan Ahmad Hanis b. Wan Yahya
The Relationships and Linkages among the Digital Collections at money fall uk Libraries in Japan, by Dr. Takashi Nagatsuka
12.45pm         Housekeeping announcements
01.00pm         LUNCH

02.00pm        Speakers 4, 5, 6 (20 mins each, followed by Q&A)
Study on Hurdles of Genealogy Collection Development in Taiwan, by Dr. Nei-Ching Yeh & Dr. Chihfeng P. Lin
Utilization of Rare Indonesian Local Church History Collection, by Yonea Sabatiari, Febriyanto, Tamara Adriani Salim
Archival policy in corporate archives in India, by Maitrayee Ghosh

03.20pm         Short presentation by USM Library  (10 mins), Malaysiana and Archives collections in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Library by Fujica Azura binti Fesal

03.30pm         Short presentation by Penang Library (10 mins),

03.30pm         IFLA discussion
04.15pm         Wrap-Up and next steps by IFLA
05.00pm         Farewell



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