Welcome to George Town, Penang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

On behalf of the organisers we would like to welcome you to the IFLA Satellite Meeting for Local Histories & Genealogies in Multicultural Asia.The meeting will take place in an early 20th century UAB building on the historic waterfront of George Town, Penang.

The port of Penang, formerly, East India Company trading outpost and British Straits Settlement (1786–1957), is today an international cruise ship terminal. It has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2008, due to its history as a trading settlement and cultural confluence for peoples from East and West, the vibrant expressions of its diverse communities, as well as the distinctiveness of its townscape and architecture. Along its Streets of Harmony, a church, a Hindu temple, two mosques and several temples are lined up along an exis, interspersed with a streetscape of tropical shophouses.

Penang has a multicultural society with longstanding diaspora communities, with indigenized local-born ‘peranakan’ of various foreign ancestries. People searching for their own genealogies and local histories are constantly dealing with a diversity of languages, complex naming and genealogical traditions, hybrid cultural identities and different game religious worldviews within a plural society.

We hope that this meeting in such a historic milieu will inspire you to achieve a new relevance in your important work as a librarian and custodian of knowledge about local histories and genealogies.

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